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What Happened To Anderson Silva? The Spider’s Story

What Happened To Anderson Silva


What Happened To Anderson Silva? The Spider’s Story

As far as careers go, few are as rich as the career of Anderson “The Spider” Silva. He’s had a very long run, currently at 19 years(his pro debut was in 1997). He fought in Pride, Cage Rage, UFC, he even had a couple of boxing matches. But most know him from his UFC days and his 10 title defenses at middleweight, where he was unbeatable for so long. But what happened to Anderson Silva since then?

When he was to face Chris Weidman, he was the heavy favorite, as always. Everyone saw Weidman as a copy of Chael Sonnen, who would try to take Anderson down and would ultimately get knocked out in the process. But Anderson clowned and got knocked out instead. After a long while, we had a new champion.

A rematch was necessary. He was a champion for so long, he lost in a way where there were still questions. Soon, we got it. Unfortunately for Silva, he got beaten again and Weidman cemented his position as the new king of the middleweights. Anderson’s chin seemed to not be as solid as it once was. But the victory was not due to a knock out, but due to a leg check that broke Silva’s leg. It was sad to see one of the greatest martial artists of all time lying on the floor, screaming in pain.

After the second loss, Anderson took time off to let the injury heal. In his comeback fight, he faced Nick Diaz – a fight many predicted to be either the most entertaining fight of all time, or a complete dud. In a way, both were right. The fight was indeed entertaining, but more due to Nick’s antics rather than the fighting itself. As always in Anderson’s career, he didn’t show his best look when facing a fighter who wouldn’t come straight at him. Instead of pressing forward, Nick was content with taunting Silva for not fighting him head on. But Anderson was always a counter striker, so it was to be expected.

He won the decision, but failed the drug test. He tested positive for anabolic steroids and the commission didn’t buy his story of a tainted viagra supplement from Thailand He was fines close to $400,000 in total. Diaz also failed the test, but not for anything performance enhancing, but for THC. Who knows, maybe it influenced his fighting antics.

In his next fight, he fought Michael Bisping. The fight was controversial: Bisping won the decision, but Anderson dropped him with a knee at the end of the third round. The fight wasn’t stopped and Bisping recovered, but Silva felt like he should have won the fight. In an unexpected twist of events, Bisping went on to win the UFC middleweight championship belt from Luke Rockhold.

Anderson’s Instagram clearly shows how he feels about the fight:

1 – De onde veio esse soco? 2 – Chute na boca! De onde veio esse chute? 3 – Vou correr desse cara! Será que não vão dar a luta pra mim? 4 – Bateu um sono aqui, vou dar um cochilo e já volto, afinal, estou em casa! Good Save the Queen! Sempre bom lutar em casa… O dia que nocauteei e perdi por pontos. Na terra da rainha, não é diferente do Brasil, time da casa tem peso dobrado! God Save the Queen… ———— 1 – Where did this punch come from? 2 – Kick in the mouth! Where did it come from? 3 – I will run from this guy! I hope they'll help me in this fight! 4 – I think I'm going to go to sleep and I'll come back later, because I'm at home! It is always good to fight at home. God Save the Queen! The day I knocked someone out and ended up losing by points. In the Queen's land it is no different from Brazil, fighting at home has its advantages! God save the Queen!

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Although a great many people started to underestimate Anderson; that he was too old to compete at the highest levels, that his chin was gone, that he was only due to retirement. However, he proved many wrong when he faced Daniel Cormier on short notice at UFC ???. With only a couple of days to prepare, he lit Daniel up on the feet. Cormier won the fight due to being the much, much better wrestler, but it was clear that he had no business standing with Silva.

And now, what is next for Anderson Silva? He is hailed by many as the GOAT(greatest of all time) and really, he has nothing else left to prove. He has given us amazing fights and some of the most iconic moments in MMA history: the upward elbow knockout of Tony Fryklund, the upkick KO of Yushin Okami(but it was illegal and he was DQ’d) and the legendary(Joe Rogan mode on) FRONT KICK TO THE FACE KO of Vitor Belfort. Oh, and let’s not forget the Matrix domination of Forrest Griffin.

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin What Happened To Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

Silva has signed a 15 fight contract, out of which he has fought three. Twelve remain, and while he is certainly not going to fight that many times, we could still see him once or twice. Currently, there are no rumors about potential match-ups, or about retirement. Only he knows what will be next.

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