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Urijah Faber announces retirement from MMA


Urijah Faber announces retirement from MMA

Urijah Faber, also known as the “The California Kid” announced on the MMA Hour that he is going to retire after his bout with Brad Pickett on December 17th.

Back To Cali

One of the most popular and liked fighters in MMA, Urijah holds the records for most wins in the Bantamweight division as well as the record for most finishes.

Despite being a contender for all of his career, he did not manage to take the UFC gold. He tried seven times, also a record(but not really one that he is going to tell his kids about).

Still, Faber has no regrets.

“At that time it was (Jose) Aldo and (Anthony) Pettis and on and on, and Demetrious (Johnson) and all these guys, Benson Henderson, these guys were all part of that (WEC) group. Cowboy (Cerrone) and the list goes on. I’m not fooled about it. I’ve had 14 years in this sport and my entire career has been at the top. I’ve had title shots. I’ve held the title for years and years. I don’t worry about what somebody calls something. I know what it was. And I think, for me, I just am a very thankful guy. I really am.”

He also won’t be hurting for money after his retirement. Besides being the founder of Team Alpha Male, one of the most successful MMA camps with fighters like Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendes and Paige VanZant, he owns multiple successful businesses.

Chins and cantaloupes

In recent memory, most fans remember him for his TUF season with Conor McGregor; a season that delivered tons of back-and-forth banter between the two fighters.

Urijah Faber will be forever remembered as one of the pioneers of the sport. He is responsible for making the lighter weight division more popular, as well as training multiple high level fighters. I am sure that he will remain relevant to the sport in the future as well.

Urijah Faber at his most jacked.

Urijah Faber at his most jacked.

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A fan of MMA since 2012, Klemen has been training in various martial arts for about the same time. He is currently residing in South Korea, where he is learning the famous kicks of Taekwondo. When not showing pads who's boss, he likes to argue on discussion boards.

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