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UFC 207 Could Possibly Contend for the UFC PPV Record

UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey Weigh In UFC 207 Could Possibly Contend for the UFC PPV Record


UFC 207 Could Possibly Contend for the UFC PPV Record

If this is true, it will be a huge surprise. Given that Ronda Rousey has essentially done no media, it seems impossible. But, she is a huge star, so I won’t put it out of the question.

Right now, she still isn’t trending that well on the internet. For example, she is barely trending higher over Conor McGregor, and he isn’t even fighting on UFC 207.

Most estimate the buys to be around 600 to 750k, and I would agree. If Ronda did her media like Conor did after his loss, if she faced the surely unpleasant media questions, she would have a much higher buy rate.

Then again, every major PPV trends to be the best ever. However, after the real numbers come in, the UFC usually backpedal. We never get to know the actual numbers as they don’t release them, but the estimates that Dave Meltzer puts out are more or less accurate.

But, in case the event did break the PPV record(although unlikely), it could set a precedent for Ronda not doing media anymore. As Dana White said, this is a one time deal. She has sacrificed a lot for the UFC and helped build the women’s divisions; so they gave her the one thing she asked for.

If she wins, it would be possible for this to become a regular occurrence. True, she isn’t doing MMA media, but she is doing much bigger talk shows that most fighters can’t get into. What is worth more? Don’t forget that Ronda is represented by WME, who are now owners of the UFC and surely having her fight – under any conditions she sets – is beneficial to them.

However, if she loses at UFC 207, they only have one big star left – McGregor. And that will give him a lot more bargaining power.

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A fan of MMA since 2012, Klemen has been training in various martial arts for about the same time. He is currently residing in South Korea, where he is learning the famous kicks of Taekwondo. When not showing pads who's boss, he likes to argue on discussion boards.

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