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UFC 207 Embedded Episode 1: Cruz and his Dog, Amanda goes shopping


UFC 207 Embedded Episode 1: Cruz and his Dog, Amanda goes shopping

It’s fight week and the first episode of the UFC 207 Embedded series is out!

As I mentioned in a previous article, there will be no Ronda Rousey in these either. The first time we will actually get to see her will be on the day of the weigh-ins. But, this leaves more screen time for the others.

Dominic Cruz is as always accompanied at his home by his dog, but this time he also has some friends over. To relax, he immerses himself into the cold pool for 20 minutes. This helps bring down inflammation in his muscles and is a time tested recovery technique.

Cody Garbrandt and his teammates have a goodbye party before he takes off for UFC 207. Team Alpha Male really is like a big family and having support from the likes of Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes and … He also gets a nice new suit for the fight week media obligation and eats with his girlfriend “Lunchbox”.

Amanda Nunes and her girlfriend go shopping for a Christmas tree and gifts, but we all know what the biggest gift for any of the girls or guys fighting on Friday would be – to get the win.

Ronda, get ready, Amanda is coming! Make sure to also check other UFC 207 Embedded episodes as they come out on our page.

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