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Tyron Woodley calls out Michael Bisping to a catchweight bout – and it makes no sense

Tyron Woodley calls out Michael Bisping


Tyron Woodley calls out Michael Bisping to a catchweight bout – and it makes no sense

Tyron Woodley wants to fight, and not just anyone. He wants to fight Michael Bisping. Well… When it comes to fights that make no sense, this has to be on the top of the list.

Both are champions – Woodley at welterweight, Bisping at 185 – who have deserving contenders waiting to get their title shot. For Bisping, that could be Yoel Romero, Jacare, or a rematch with Rockhold. For Β Tyron Woodley, Demian Maia or a rematch of his close title-winning fight with Stephen Thompson.

Michael Bisping already had one “money” fight against Dan Henderson, who wasn’t a top contender. Not to take anything away from Dan; he fought very well and came close to capturing the belt. The age he did it at(he’s 47!) makes it all that more impressive.

Woodley also wants a money fight. One option would be Conor McGregor, with whom they have some past altercations, Β but he has many options and taking on a true power puncher and a wrestler at 170 might not be a very clever idea. A fight with Bisping would surely draw a lot of attention, at least from the causal fans. A champion vs champion fight is easy to promote, but to those who know the sport, it makes no sense.

It used to be that these kinds of fights would only happen once a dominant champion cleared out his division. When Anderson Silva moved up to light-heavyweight for a few fights, he was already a legend and defeated anyone noteworthy at his weight class. And that is the way it should be.

Not only does the premature champions match-up hold up the division(or create numerous and unneeded interim belts), it robs us of what could be a truly great fight. Let these champion have a few more fights, let them build themselves up. Then, when people are already clamoring to have them fight – then put the fight on.

Everybody will be watching then – that I can guarantee.

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A fan of MMA since 2012, Klemen has been training in various martial arts for about the same time. He is currently residing in South Korea, where he is learning the famous kicks of Taekwondo. When not showing pads who's boss, he likes to argue on discussion boards.

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