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Oh boy…

If you weren’t excited before, grab some popcorn and get ready.

The UFC has just released two new promos for the UFC 202 fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

You can see the first promo, with a perfectly chosen song by The White Buffalo, above the article.

Truly, we’ve been here before. But, is the result going to be any different the second time around?

Both athletes are in the ending phase of their training camps, and we’ve seen both training with the best in the world.

Now, as more official content comes out, we will get a better glimpse into their preparation and see if one fighter seems to have an advantage over the other.

Right now, Diaz is the betting favourite, but that may change before the fight.

Following that, UFC put out an extended preview that shows the fight from both sides.

McGregor looks and talks with supreme confidence(as always) and Nate Diaz has his usual, come to fight and laid back attitude, which prevented Conor from getting in his head the first time.

This time around, nobody will be in the other’s head, as they have fought before not long ago and know each other very well. It will be a pure contest of strength and skill, of power and precision.

As more content drops, make sure to come back to see the latest news on UFC 202.