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It’s Official: Woodley vs Thompson to Headline UFC 209

UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson


It’s Official: Woodley vs Thompson to Headline UFC 209

Finally, after all the negotiations and guessing, the fight is on: Tyron Woodley will rematch Stephen Thompson for the UFC welterweight championship of the world in the main event at UFC 209. The news has been announced on the UFC’s Facebook page.

While this rematch was one of the two fights that make the most sense(the second being Demain Maia), it wasn’t Woodley’s first choice. He called out many people, including George St-Pierre, Conor McGregor(who started it first), Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping. Even a few hours before we got the news about the fight, he tweeted this to Demian Maia:

Could Woodley just be a master troll and is doing it all for publicity? It seems to be working. But back to the fight in question: him versus Stephen Thompson.

The two first met at UFC 205. It was a close fight, but the rounds that went to Woodley were the more decisive ones. Their bout ended in a majority draw: two judges scored the fight as even and one gave it to Woodley. At first, they incorrectly announced it as a splitย decision, but then corrected themselves. The end result was the same: Tyron retained the belt. However, victory no longer had a sweet taste to it, evident from his post-fight interview.

Both fighters received Performance of the Night bonuses and no doubt gained many fans. It was one of the fights of the year and many of us wanted to see it again.

Well, now we’ll get to. UFC 209 card looks better every day. Now if only they could get Ferguson to sign, it would be an amazing card. And can we hope for a Diaz?

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