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Mike Goldberg retirement after UFC 207

Mike Goldberg retirement


Mike Goldberg retirement after UFC 207


Mike Goldberg is retiring from his job as a UFC commentator. His last appearance will be this Friday at UFC 207. There are many who are able to fill in the spot, like Jon Anik and Brian Stann, but Dana White says he has something special planned. It is something that he has been working on for years and he expects to have it all done by July. Rumor has it that it will be Jim Rome – former

Mike Goldberg retirement is something that has been speculated for a few months now, but now it is certain. This news has been confirmed by multiple MMA journalists and by Dana himself. As to why he is done, White didn’t give any comments. As of right now, we can only speculate until we hear something official from either the UFC of Goldberg himself.

While many people are critical of Goldberg for his mistakes during shows, many don’t realize how much work goes into what he does. Joe Rogan – his commenting partner – sings high price about Mike. If you want to see how much work goes into preparing for commentating, watch the video below.

Learning everything about the fighters, knowing all the details…it certainly wasn’t easy. He was never meant to be the knowledgeable one; he was meant to represent the casual fan, while Rogan was there to explain the moves and to give more insight for the hardcores. Golberg was a foil, and he played his role perfectly.

Despite his somewhat frequent missteps, he brought the sport closer to the new fans. Like some fans put it: “He was an idiot, but he was our idiot.” It will be strange not hearing his signature lines, like “It is all over!” at the end of a fight. We will need a while to adjust, as with all change.Β Mike Goldberg’s retirement comes at a time of big changes in the UFC – with the new management and new paths they want to take. We will see how this choice will affect the company in the future.

But that article is not about that. It is a tribute and a thank you to all the good Mike has done for the sport over the years. Without a doubt, he played a big role in its growth and global recognition. The UFC is a brand, and a brand needs recognizable faces. Mike Goldberg was one of them.

And now his watch ends.

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