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Johny Hendricks and Ray Borg miss weight – UFC 207

Johny Hendricks Misses Weight


Johny Hendricks and Ray Borg miss weight – UFC 207

Well, every UFC event has to have some trouble, so here is some. Like they say: death, taxes and Johny Hendricks misses weight. And Ronda by armbar.

Johny Hendricks and Ray Borg both missed weight. Hendricks weighed in at 173.5, three and a half pounds overweight, and Borg came in at 129.5, almost five pounds over. All of the remaining fighters are on weight. Here is Ronda Rousey weighing in:

Rousey appears! 135.

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She looks to be in great shape from what we have seen and I am very excited to see her on Friday.

For Hendricks, this is the fourth time he has missed weight(UFC 171 – but he did it the second time, 192, 200, 207 – event numbers, not his weight). We can only imagine what Dana’s reaction to this will be, but I will venture a guess and say somewhere between “You’re fired,” and “You’re a middleweight now.” Johny is in the same situation as Kelvin Gastelum and will likely face the same punishment.

Neil Magny, his opponent will still take the fight and recieve 20% of Hendricks’s purse. The fight is still on.

Ray Borg missed weight for the first time and his opponent, Louis Smolka, will receive 30% of his purse. While he had the chance to pull out of the contest, Smolka will still fight. The higher percentage(compared to Hendricks vs Magny) is due to Borg missing weight by more.

Since the incorporation of early weigh-ins, the number of fighters missing weight has gone up. Due to the early time of the weigh-ins(which you can now only do once), you have two options: cut the night before or in the morning. Neither are a great option – for a reason: it is meant to prevent fighters cutting dangerous amounts of weight. We can expect more failures like these in the future, until everyone adapts to the new system and chooses the right weight class for them. The IV ban also troubles a lot of fighters. When you combine the two, we get a cleaner sport, but we will have to suffer through the transition. In the end, I believe that this will prove to be a good thing.

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