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Donald Cerrone wants Woodley if his wins his next fight

Donald Cerrone


Donald Cerrone wants Woodley if his wins his next fight

If he wins against Jorge Masvidal at UFC On FOX 23, Donald Cerrone would like to get a title shot against Tyron Woodley.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is mainly known for three things: fighting 16 times a year, performing dangerous activities during fight week and being a damn good fighter.

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Since his move to welterweight, he has stacked four wins: Alex Oliviera, Patrick Cote, Rick Story and Matt Brown.

He is certainly one of the more deserving fighters, but I don’t think he should be the next to get the title shot. Right now, Demian Maia has a better case, and so does Stephen Thompson. Personally I don’t think an immediate rematch is necessary, but it would make sense.

Maia is on a 6 fight win streak, with Carlos Condit and both of Cowboy’s best wins, Matt Brown and Rick Story, on it. I know that some people would rather not see him become the champion because of his grappling-heavy style. Even today, when MMA has advanced so far, some still boo when the fight goes to the ground. But, I’m sure that it don’t bother Maia none: he’ll just get the submissions and win. He is one of the best BJJ practitioners in the UFC and is without a doubt the best at it in the welterweight division.

Besides, Jorge Masvidal is ranked #12. Beating #12 shouldn’t get you a title shot. To get the title shot he needs to beat someone in the top five. Then, he could get his title shot.

But that will only happen if Woodley doesn’t get one of the big fights he wants: GSP, Conor McGregor and as the latest edition, Michael Bisping. Seems like every champion is looking to the division above instead of thinking about defending the belt.

I think that the Maia fight should be the one that’s next, while you match up Robbie Lawler with Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson with someone from top 10.

However, who knows. In this crazy sport, McGregor could be the welterweight champion by then.

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