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Conor McGregor training update, sparring and cardio

Conor McGregor at Greens & Proteins

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Conor McGregor training update, sparring and cardio


Apparently, Conor McGregor has done four hundred and twelve rounds(412) so far in preparation for the rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

(A voice in the back of our heads says that Nate Diaz did 420.)

To prepare for the tall, lanky southpaw in Diaz, McGregor has been training with opponents much bigger than him, sparring fighters who are essentially middleweights – for example, Conor Wallace, Ireland’s top middleweight boxer.

Conor says that after the fight is done, other fighters and coaches will study this training camp to see how he overcame the problems that caused him to lose the first fight in such a short timeframe.

One example of his sparring can be seen here, where he spars with Conor Wallace:


To increase his stamina and improve his cardio, McGregor has also called in the Irish champion cyclist and record-holding powerlifter, Dr Julian Dalby, who is working with The Notorious as his strength and conditioning coach. Here, they can be seen going on a bike ride, a thing that we would expect from Diaz more, as he trains for triathlons when not in fight camp.


The hype is rising as we near the fight. As always, McGregor seems really confident in himself, but after a loss like that, confidence takes a hit. He must believe 100% in his preparation to fully confident in himself again, against a fighter he has already lost to.

Stay tuned for more betting odds, training footage and UFC 202 news.

A fan of MMA since 2012, Klemen has been training in various martial arts for about the same time. He is currently residing in South Korea, where he is learning the famous kicks of Taekwondo. When not showing pads who's boss, he likes to argue on discussion boards.

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