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Conor McGregor to give up one of the belts after UFC 205

Conor McGregor with the two Cage Warriors belts


Conor McGregor to give up one of the belts after UFC 205

Conor McGregor, UFC featherweight champion and challenger to the 155 pound belt, will give up one of the two belts if he wins at UFC 205.

Holding up the division

Fans and fighters alike have been upset at McGregor for “holding up a division”, since he hasn’t defended his 145 lbs title so far. Instead, he went after the second title immediately, but got caught up in the Nate Diaz fights. Now, back to the original goal, he will get a chance to realize the dream of becoming a two weight world champion.

Many would not consider him to be a legitimate two-weight belt holder. Since he hasn’t defended his featherweight title – which he could have done – many see it as an effort by the UFC to build the McGregor brand.

While I’m sure that the spectacle is fun to watch, it is no fun to fighters like Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, who are waiting for their well-deserved shots at Conor.

At the UFC 205 press conference, The Notorious said thatΒ “they’re going to have to gather a fookin(Dublin accent β„’) army to try and take one of them belts off me.”

But in an interview for the Sports Illustrated, he backtracked a bit:

“Let me see the pictures on publications with a belt on each shoulder first. Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what’s never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the f**king things, let me do it. I’ll always listen to the correct business move, and I’ll always do what is the correct move, but let me do it and let me go back and look at some pictures of me with two belts and let me embrace it for half-a-day.”

So basically, he’s doing it for an awesome Instagram photo. Instead of this, two UFC belts.

Preparation are already in full swing.

The lab

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Stay tuned.

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