Khabib vs Ferguson confirmed for UFC 209

[Confirmation Pending] Khabib vs Ferguson for the lightweight interim title set for UFC 209

As per reports from the Russian media outlet Izvestia, we will finally see this lightweight match at UFC 209. Khabib vs Ferguson, gooooooooo! the champion,...
Ronda Rousey Will Do No Media For UFC 207

Ronda Rousey Doing No Press For UFC 207

So, it is true. Ronda Rousey won't have to do any press for UFC 207, except what she has done already.She has appeared on...
Pakistan Test Australia

Australia vs Pakistan, 2nd Test: Momentum with Pakistan against weary Aussie bowlers

Pakistan say they have the momentum heading into the Boxing Day Melbourne Test after giving Australia a mighty fright during an epic run-chase in...
Boxing Day NBA

Boxing Day NBA Times & TV Schedule 2016

Boxing day times and TV schedule in AEDT ?? who's your multi selections?Comment your tips below.

2016 Sports Review By Aaron Gocs

The man behind the great Australian stitch up, Aaron Gocs, was asked by the guys over at ComplexAU to recap 2016 with his thoughts...
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11 Most Hilarious Mispronunciations of “Ronda Rousey”

Because sometimes, English is hard.Some names are hard. In fact, some names are so hard we replace them with something else. For example Joanna...
Ronda Rousey

Without Ronda Rousey, where do the female weight divisions stand?

It is obvious that Ronda Rousey is singlehandedly responsible for bringing women into the UFC. She was the one who convinced Dana White to...

Rob Gronkowski & The Madden Curse 2017

The Gronk isn't letting injured reserve keep him away from a championship season... at least not on the Xbox.In a new commercial for Madden...
Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo to Fight for the Interim Lightweight Title?!

You get an interim belt! You get an interim belt Everybody gets an interim belt!Is the UFC going too far? One of the biggest...
UFC 207 Nunes vs Rousey UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey Official Fight Card

UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey Official Fight Card

The last PPV card of the year is approaching fast. Nine days separate us from the return of Ronda Rousey and we are full...