Kimbo Slice’s Son “Baby Slice” Makes MMA Debut With A 1st Round KO

First Round KO For "Baby Slice"

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Kimbo Slice’s Son “Baby Slice” Makes His MMA Debut With A Quick Knockout.

There’s a mixed bag of comments on the Warrior Nation MMA video, some commentaries in the YouTube comments section are calling out that the competition was not good enough, some calling out that Baby Slice’s competition “took a dive”, others commending “Baby Slice” for his cardio fitness.

What are your thoughts on the fight? Was it a convincing win? DID the competition take a 1st Round Dive? Was it a clean KO? Let us know in the comments below.

Either way, Kimbo Slice’s Son “Baby Slice” is now 1 for 0 in MMA with a debut 1st Round KO, we’re sure his dad would be proud.