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Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt announced for UFC 209

Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt


Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt announced for UFC 209

Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt has been announced for UFC 209. The main event is still TBA vs TBA.

Hunt has been vocal about steroid users in the past on his social media. Very vocal, in fact. Since Overeem was at some point Ubereem, we can expect him to have something to say about him too.

Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt


Hunto’s last three opponents – Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir and Antonio Silva – have all taken some sort of performance enhancing drugs(although Mir was only on TRT when it was legal). It is almost as if he has taken on a crusade of beating everyone who used anything at any point.

Due to his disadvantage as a natural athlete, he demanded of Dana White to put a special clause in his contract. A clause that would protect him in case his opponent would fail any drug tests. In short, he would receive a part of his opponent’s purse in that event.

He said that he won’t take the fight without a clause like that, but the UFC said that they are not considering it. Thus we don’t know if he actually got the clause or if they gave him something else that changed his mind. He also threatened that he would sue Alistair if his test came back positive.

If you are a betting man, betting on this fight not going the distance is perhaps the surest bet of some time. They are heavyweights, and heavyweights who punch particularly hard. Overeem has some nasty knees and we all know about Mark Hunt’s walk off KO’s.

This is going to be an interesting fight, but 209 as of now still looks weak. They need to add at least a few more fights, and a true headliner. I’m sure UFC have a lot of irons in the fire.

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