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The Wait Is Nearly Over – Canelo v GGG

Canelo vs Golovkin

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The Wait Is Nearly Over – Canelo v GGG

After God knows how long, a “Money Fight” between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin have finally agreed to have a punch up, and give the fans and the boxing industry exactly what it’s been craving for so long.

Canelo vs Golovkin Boxing Fight Poster

Canelo vs Golovkin Poster

All the talk of avoiding each other and the disappointment of seeing them fight anyone else but each other can now stop.

In the midst of Alvarez’s very dominant display in the all Mexican clash against the son of a legend, Chavez Jr, Golden Boy was waiting in the wings to announce the blockbuster deal he had struck with K2 Promotions.

Whilst we’re briefly on the topic of Alvarez’s win at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, how disappointing was Chavez Jr!?

This was meant to be a tough test for Saul, sacrificing height, reach and size in a bid to prove he’s the best Mexican out there, just a day after Cinco de Mayo. But sadly, Chavez was non-existent, outworked and outboxed over 12 rounds, landing just 71 punches out of 302 thrown, which is bordering on pathetic in a top level fight.

In comparison, Canelo dominated, making Chavez Jr’s height and reach advantage irrelevant, landing 228 shots and throwing double that of Chavez’s, 604. The fight ended with a unanimous, wide spread 120-108 win for Canelo.

Anyway, I believe that fight was just a big event with the sole purpose of revealing the Triple G fight to boxing fans worldwide, and to be honest, when Gennady Golovkin stepped in the ring I thought to myself, “Finally some hype!”

Despite being 9 years younger than Golovkin, Canelo has had 13 more fights due to turning professional at the crazy age of 15, accumulating a current record of 51-1-1-34KO, only suffering defeat to former 5 weight world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On the other hand, the Kazakh has a remarkable record of 37-0-0-33KO, winning and defending the IBF, WBA, WBC and IBO titles within those 37 fights.

This is a real tough fight to call, both fighters are at the top of the game, and even though Golovkin carries that feared knockout power, I feel Canelo’s defence is solid enough to avoid the big blows and throw his classy counter punches.

I predict it being sledgehammer (Golovkin) versus samurai sword (Alvarez) but will they both be too hesitant, will they cancel each other out and it will be decided by the judges? Let’s hope not!

Taking into account how long this clash has been in the pipeline, De La Hoya claimed it was very easy to get the fight done and took just a couple of weeks, stating:

The Triple-G side is such a pleasure to work with” and “We started negotiating two weeks ago, and it got done a few days ago” The fight takes place on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Held at the T-Mobile Arena, the home of boxing adding to the magnitude of this fight, Oscar De La Hoya mentioned that he has had a lot of bidders from around the world for the fight to take place elsewhere.

“I literally have a missed call from Dubai, I have a missed call from the United Kingdom, where Anthony Joshua and Klitschko just sold out a 90,000-seat stadium, so there’s interest from all over the world”

What will the split be?
They’re both big stars, they will both want an equal split. However, Canelo is a star in boxing and Mexican icon so will probably be the bigger draw, but then Golovkin is the one with all the belts and so may not feel he should be the B side; I would split it evenly and fairly if I were the promoters… but I’m not.

What weight will they fight at? It’s got to be Middleweight, Golovkin has remained at that weight his whole career and is now the father of the division, GGG owns it.

Also, Saul Alvarez is no stranger at moving up or down in weight, having fought at welterweight, light-middleweight and middleweight, winning world titles in both light-middle and middleweight (before he voluntarily handed the WBC middleweight title to Golovkin in 2016).

Plus, it is rumoured that Canelo steps into the ring 20lbs heavier than the weight class limit.

All in all, September 16th is when we’ll finally get to see the outcome of the fight we’ve been wishing for – Mexicano against Kazakhstani.

Canelo against Triple G. Saul Alvarez against Gennady Golovkin. My prediction is that Alvarez will look to out jab Golovkin and throw hard combinations, whereas Golovkin will look for his usual big right hand, but I have a feeling Alvarez will expose Golovkin’s loose defence and inflict on him his first defeat (TKO, Round 9).

As the 2 fighters wrapped up their encounter in the ring after the Chavez Jr contest, Golovkin ended with “Good luck in September” to which the Mexican replied,

Luck is for the mediocre people”.

Former professional athlete, I take a huge interest in all sports, especially combat sports, the UFC, and all Olympic Sports. I like to make vlogs and post fitness challenges online, which is how I got to write for

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